Welcome to Forest Fitness

Learn to Eat Clean and Train Dirty!
Welcome to Forest Fitness

Welcome to Forest Fitness-The Natural Training Environment.

Have you ever joined a gym and felt intimidated or frustrated or maybe a bit disillusioned with the whole experience? Well here at Forest Fitness, I use the great outdoors. I’ve removed the treadmills, the cross trainers, the tiresome macho weights area and the mirrors. In fact, I have actually removed all of the boring and uninspiring aspects of the gym. I use the tools that are readily available in our beautiful countryside to work the same muscle groups, improve cardio vascular fitness and achieve fantastic results.

For people who have done little or no exercise, a gentle amble with some low impact exercises thrown in may be where to start. However, if you are a regular to exercise then maybe a circuit round nature’s gym would be more your thing. If you fancy something completely different, you might enjoy my obstacle course or how about a spot of kickboxing by the tranquil lagoon? There is always my treadmill- a proper run around the forest at a distance and terrain that suits your ability or my personal favourite; a gentle or adrenalin fuelled ride on a mountain bike. The Natural Training Environment is genuinely the perfect place to start, or continue on to a healthier lifestyle.

Please browse through my website and take a peek at some of the activities I offer. Do not be put off by any of the activities that you see! I cater for all levels of fitness and I will discuss your current abilities, likes and dislikes at our initial meeting, usually over a cup of tea and a cake. The program that we work out for you at this first meeting will start at a level you are comfortable with, and over a relatively short period of time you will become fitter and more confident and you may even fancy a crack at some of the activities that you first dismissed.

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